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ZOO-mini – the world of animals at your fingertips


Human-animal interaction has always played a significant role in child development process. It is, however, not always possible for families to have their own pet. There is a number of reasons to that, such as allergy, living space restrictions, laws, financial constraints or just simply insufficient time to take care of your own animal. This is exactly where our ZOO-mini comes in handy.
At our ZOO-mini kids do not just observe animals, they pet, cuddle and communicate with them. Besides, we also have a special treat for our animals to be fed with which will certainly become an exciting experience for any child. We have a wide variety of animals for the whole family to enjoy and be entertained with.

ZOO-mini – positive emotions and child development


Kids, who visit our ZOO-mini, benefit not just from exploring new kinds of animals and empowering their education level, but also raised in a proper way, since animals require human care and guidance. These are the most important human values which we want to promote for the young generation. We want to help kids to protect, take care and be kind to others through creating a bond between animals and people.


Our ZOO-mini is a perfect place for kids to learn just that and help their parents to raise them in a proper way. We have plenty of horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, hares and other kind of animals which could be seen by most of kids only on TV.